Saturday 2/28/15

For time
25 KB swings (53/35)
200 m run
60 ft burpee broad jump
400 m run
60 walking lunges
800 m run
60 walking lunges
400 m run
60 ft burpee broad jump
200 m run
25 KB swings (53/35)


Friday 2/27/15 – IT’S OPEN SEASON!!!!!

Here it is! The CrossFit Games Open has begun! Don’t forget that our 6:30PM class will be competition style. We’ll be running heats of 3 to 4 atletes at a time, so plan on being here for a little while.

“Open WOD 15.1″
9 min AMRAP
15 toes to bar – Scaled = knee raises
10 deadlift (115/75) – Scaled = (85/55)
5 snatch (115/75) – Scaled = (85/55)

*Snatches can be a power snatch variation. Score for total reps.

“Open WOD 15.1a”
Immediately following the 9 min AMRAP…
Clean and Jerk
6 min to establish 1 RM


Thursday 2/26/15

If you’re signed up and planning on competing in the Open on Friday, then I highly recommend taking it easy today and just work on some mobility. If you are NOT signed up and/or competing on Friday, come on in and WOD.

20 min AMRAP
10 deadlift (135/95)
20 1-arm DB push press (35/20) – 10 each arm
10 sit ups

*Score for rounds and reps



The Open is upon us! What’s next?

The CrossFit Open is 5 workouts over 5 weeks that allow you to test your fitness and see how you do against every single other CrossFitter in the world that signs up. If you’re not very familiar with it, check this out for more info.

So, what does that mean for CrossFit Post Falls? First, you must sign up for the open. It’s only $20. To do that, go here.You’ve got until Monday to sign up. If you’re not sure about signing up, read this. Then go do it. Make sure you choose CrossFit Post Falls as your gym and also join our team!

The workouts are released Thursday at 5pm. We will be programming the WOD for everyone on Friday. If you come in on Friday, you’ll be doing the workout regardless. If you have signed up for the open, we will have someone counting your reps and ensuring that you’re meeting the movements standards. Friday at 6:30pm we are encouraging everyone who has signed up to come in, we will set the gym up competition style and run through the WOD in waves. Come in and cheer everyone on, even if you aren’t planning on working out or haven’t signed up for the open. The more the merrier. We’re planning on being here for a while Friday night, so BYOB for after the WOD and let’s have some fun.

So, what happens if you signed up but absolutely can’t make it in on Friday? We’ll run the open WOD directly after our normal class on Saturday. Come in around 9:30 and warm up and we’ll get you going promptly at 10am. If the above options still don’t work for you, we’ll try to get you squared away during open gym on Monday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. If that’s the case we’ll need to plan ahead, please get with either Doug or Amy to schedule.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Wednesday 2/25/15

Turkish Get Up
10 min to build up to a heavy single with each arm

1000 m rowThen…
5 rounds
10 HR burpees
10 pull ups


Tuesday 2/24/15

Power cleans
15 min to establish a 5 rep max touch and go power clean

EMOM for 8 min
1 power clean
2 push jerks

*Find a heavy weight that you can do without failing, but should also be challenging.


Monday 2/23/15

Back squat
18 min to build up to a heavy set of 3 reps

*You should not be failing on these attempts. Don’t overload yourself. Only a few days until the first Open workout. Perform a max set of strict handstand push ups after your first 3 sets of back squat. If unable to do strict, perform 5 negatives. If unable to do that, perform a set of 10 DB strict press as heavy as possible.

For time
100 wall balls (20/14)
– 10 double under penalty every time you stop to rest


Saturday 2/21/15

With a partner…
400 m run
30 plate G2O (45/25)
400 m run
30 HR push ups
400 m run
30 KB swings (53/35)
400 m run
30 burpees

*Partner 1 will start running. Partner 2 will do 30 reps of the first movement. When partner 1 gets back, partner 2 will run. Partner 1 will do 3 reps of the same movement. If the partner performing the movement finishes before the other partner is done running then that person will rest. Continue until you’re through all the movements.



R.E.D. Friday 2/20/15

8 rounds
10 CTB pull ups
10 box jumps (36/30)
10 v-ups


Thursday 2/19/15

Push press
5-5-5-5-5 @ 75% of 1 RM

3 rounds of 3 min AMRAP
500 m row
Shoulder to overhead (95/65)

*Rest for 3 min between rounds. Row 500 m as quick as possible then with remaining time complete as many shoulder to overhead as possible. Score for total reps


Wednesday 2/18/15

4 rounds
45 seconds of touch and go deadlifts (50% of 1 RM)
45 seconds of rest

*Work on doing these deadlifts quickly without sacrificing that neutral spine

Power clean (135/95)
Ring dips


Tuesday 2/17/15

Overhead squat
5-5-5-5-5 – progressive load

*This should be 5 HEAVY sets, not 4 light/medium sets building up to 1 heavy set.

“CrossFit Open WOD 14.1″
10 min AMRAP
30 double unders
15 power snatch (75/55)

*Score for rounds and reps

tmp_13062-2015-02-17 20.42.261869682901


We offer SOFLETE (special operations forces) programming here at CrossFit Post Falls. Military has always had a soft spot in our hearts and we give back to that community in any way that we can. We are are a training facility, so naturally, training is how we are able to do that.


So, what is SOFLETE and SOFLETE programming?

SOFLETE is a group of current and former SOF (special operations forces) personnel who are also accomplished athletic coaches, combined with non-SOF experts in the fitness industry. SOFLETE was born out of necessity. As members of the community we were always posed two questions: How do we build the athletic capabilities of our bodies, as well as prevent and fix injury? The philosophy is that it’s hard to be hard and it’s hard to be smart. Push hard in big lifts and sprints and when your body tells you it’s hurt, take the time to heal. After years of pushing through minor injuries and prolonging our rehab we realized there HAD to be a better way. We’ve also learned there is more to fitness than “go run till you can’t run.” In a small team there is no such thing as “relative strength.” You’re either a strong performer, or somebody else is pulling your slack.

We offer programming for selection prep. SOF selection of any kind is no joke; if you are even thinking about SOF you must train physically and mentally for the life you may lead and you need to be training hard and smart as early as possible. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting started!

Check out more about SOFLETE here.

Monday 2/16/15

3 rounds – FGB style
1 min – toes to bar
1 min – wall balls (20/14)
1 min – bent over barbell rows (45/35)
1 min – jumping alternating lunges
1 min – running (in place) jump rope
1 min – rest

*Score for total reps

Extra credit:
3 sets for max effort – Hanging L-sits

tmp_16644-2015-02-16 20.20.071869682901

Saturday 2/14/15

For time
20 KB swings (53/35)
400 m KB carry (53/35)
20 plate burpees (45/25)
400 m plate carry (45/25)
20 med ball push ups (20/14)
400 m OH med ball carry (20/14)



R.E.D. Friday – 2/13/15

20 min to establish a 1 RM

“Death by Thruster”
EMOM @ 70% of 1 RM
Minute 1 – 1 thruster
Minute 2 – 2 thrusters
Minute 3 – 3 thrusters
Etc… until you cannot perform the prescribed reps for the minute

*Score for load and highest completed round



Thursday 2/12/15

Split Jerk
3-3-3-3-3 – Progressive loading

OH squat (95/65)
Pull ups



Wednesday 2/11/15

4-4-4-4 @ 75% of 1 RM

*Pause for 1 second just below the knees on the ascent. Don’t bounce reps.

7 min AMRAP
7 sumo deadlift high pulls (75/55)
7 burpees

*Score for rounds and reps

Finisher – 3×15 banded good mornings


Tuesday 2/10/15

Push Ups
“Bring Sally Up”

15 min AMRAP
Reps: 2-4-6-8-10-etc…
DB snatch (45/30) – do the prescribed reps for EACH arm (2 each arm, then 4 each arm, then 6, etc…)
Toes to bar
20 double unders each round

*Score for highest round plus reps



Monday 2/9/15

Front squats
8-8-8 – progressive loading

*Perform a set of 5 weighted pull ups between front squats (5 sets total).

5 rounds
1 min of ground to OH (135/95)
1 min of rest

*Score for total reps. Try not to take your hands off the barbell for the full minute.



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