CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity.

Let’s break this down and talk a little bit about each part.

Constantly varied: You will rarely do the same work out twice. The more variety and creativity that is in your work out, the better your body will respond. We are looking to build on and improve 10 general physical skills – strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. In order to hit each of these things, we need to vary our movements and the combination in which we use them. Besides, it keeps things from getting boring.

Functional movements: We want to replicate movements that you will see every day. No matter what your role is in life, you come across physical challenges all the time. Think of your daily routine. Do you ever need to lift something off the floor? Swing something above your head? Have you ever had to chase after a dog? How long are you able to play with your kids before you are tired? How about jumping from rock to rock across a stream at a picnic? Or maybe you are wanting to train for a specific sport. Our goal is to have a fitness level that allows us to tackle these things whenever they come up. The work outs that you do will prepare you by teaching you how to move safely while improving those ten general physical skills.

High intensity: This one is fairly simple. We go as hard as we can while still being safe. What is intense for one person might be not so intense for another. This is why each work out is scalable for any fitness level and allows each athlete to find their own level of intensity.

In a CrossFit gym, you will see work outs that utilize pulling, pushing, lifting, squatting and running – all in different varieties. You will see a ton of barbells, squat racks, free weights and a lot of pull-up racks. There will be a lot of space for athletes to be comfortable moving around, completing workouts and generally being awesome. You will also see a community of people who support each other and cheer each other through every single pull-up and burpee.

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