Not another diet….

The food that we put in our body really is so important and does affect every aspect of our day to day. We  really can’t stress that enough. If we could fix one thing into everyone’s mind, it would be that. And maybe knees out while you squat.

When you think of a diet, what do you think of?  Many people think of meals consisting of a stick of celery, or eating only a grapefruit and stick of cinnamon between the hours 5 and 10. Don’t do this to yourself.

We’re talking about your diet in a literal sense: The food that you habitually eat. Picking what goes into your body is hard, you have to do your research and find a plan that works for you. You need to set goals and ask yourself questions – are you trying to lose weight? Be more competitive in the gym? Just be more healthy in general? Have you noticed that you don’t have much energy? What kind of fuel are you giving yourself?

There are a TON of resources out there and a lot of really good ideas on what to change. Spend a few minutes on the internet doing some research. The key to any diet is starting somewhere and slowly dialing in what works best for YOU. Every body is going to react differently. Pay attention to how you feel, and give your diet a fighting chance (don’t quit after 3 days.)

Another good piece of advice is to stay on the outside perimeter of the grocery store while you’re shopping. That is where the meats and vegetables are. If you don’t venture down the middle aisles, you’ll avoid processed food and sugar.

If you don’t know where to start, read a few articles, pick one thing to cut out and go from there! We’d suggest cutting processed foods and as much sugar as you can stand. Don’t get overwhelmed, just start somewhere – it’s better than nothing and it’s one step toward better health!

Check out the Nutrition Resources for some good links and blogs!

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