Our Story

CrossFit Post Falls is a veteran owned and operated family business. Amy and I have been involved with sports/fitness all of our lives and are extremely excited to help others benefit from living a healthy life style.

I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2007 during my time with the Marines. One of our cadre had just received his Level 1 certificate, and was all about incorporating it into our daily regimen. We didn’t have anything fancy. We all had to make 20 and 40 lb sandbags which were then used in place of kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, etc… After only a month of doing CrossFit type workouts, my 5k run time had dropped by a full minute and my physical fitness test score had improved. That was 6 years ago and just the beginning of my CrossFit journey.

It did take me a while to completely dedicate myself to CrossFit. As many others do, I originally had the impression that CrossFit was mostly low weight/high rep type workouts. It wasn’t until the end of 2011 and I was out of the military that my eyes were fully opened to what CrossFit was really all about. I was introduced to olympic weightlifting and gymnastic moves that really broadened my horizons. It showed me how many ways CrossFit can truly benefit a person.  That was when I realized it was something that I needed to get more involved in and make a part of my every day life.

Amy and I love CrossFit because of the challenge that it brings and the community that it builds. Every workout is something different, and the atmosphere is a place where you’re expected to show up and do work. Everybody is striving for the same goal. The guy/girl next to you is suffering just as much as you are. There’s some friendly competition, but the real battle is with yourself. Here at CrossFit Post Falls we want to challenge you. We want to push you past what you thought you could ever accomplish. We’ll encourage and guide you, but we won’t be your cheerleaders. We are coaches first and foremost, and our responsibility is to keep you safe as well as hold you to the standards that CrossFit has set down.

We can’t wait to see you in here! All we ask is all you got!

Doug and Amy

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