Looking for a good recipe?

Just wanted to share some of our favorite recipe sites! Check back, we will be adding to these as we go. Let us know if you have one that you think is worthy!

PaleOMG.com – One of my favorites. Check out her recipe for paleo mayo.

PaleoPot.com – Crock pot heaven.

Lift Big Eat Big -For those of us who want to GAIN that muscle.

TheFoodee.com – Paleo & compiles your grocery list for you. It doesn’t get any easier.

Paleo Diet: Pre-Cooking A Week’s Worth Of Meals – How to paleo prep for a busy lifestyle.

Meals for the week – Paleo style – Pre-cooking meals for your week.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe – Cutting sugar completely? Can’t stand the thought of black coffee?

Junk Food Made Real Food – Sometimes you get those cravings that you can’t ignore. Here are some really good substitutions that will hit the spot and keep you away from those processed foods.  This is also a wealth of blogs and recipes and knowledge.

And, to keep all of this straight and organized, I like to use Pepperplate.com. It lets me plan out my week and then gives me the grocery list so that I only have to go to the grocery store once.

These are some of the staples. For more, check out our Pinterest.

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