Rally the Troops! Local events to mark on your calendar.


Here’s an ever changing (so check back frequently under the “About CFPF” tab) list of events in the area that we will be at, or that our members will be at. If you have an event that is not up here, please let me know asap. Also, if you are planning on competing/participating at one of the events, please let us know so that we can rally the troops to come support you! Any questions, let us know!


5/26 (Monday) 11am. Memorial Day @ CrossFit Post Falls
We will be starting the hero WOD “Murph” at 11:00am and will have a BBQ to follow (roughly around 1pm.) Everyone is welcome, friends, family, non-crossfitters, etc. Please let us know if you are coming to the WOD, BBQ or both so that we can get a headcount and figure out how to handle food and accommodations. RSVP on the facebook community page under events, or get a hold of us some other way.

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Keep in mind that as always, the WOD will be scaled to your ability.

Here is Murph’s story – http://defiantwod.com/?p=738.

Throughout our nations history “Hero’s” have stood up to protect us from harm and defend our way of life. This way of life that enables us to pursue health and fitness as we do.

In their honor, I ask you to join your fellow athletes and put your heart into a grueling WOD that symbolizes the sacrifice that a great American Hero made for us. It might be a level of suck that you aren’t used to, but remember that it’s nothing compared to what those Heros go through.

Further reading: http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Berger_Fallen.pdf

6/1 (Sunday) 11:22am. Leashes and Laces 5K @ Greyhound Park
There is a group of us signed up for this, let us know if you are interested.This is a 5k fun run/walk that will benefit the Post Falls Police Department K-9 Units. If you want to join us for this, click here to register. Once you fill out the registration form feel free to drop it off here at the gym and we will take it over to the police department.

7/19 (Saturday) Fittest In The Park @Riverfront Park
A one day CrossFit competition at Riverfront Park with both team and individual divisions. If you want to compete, make sure you sign up before June 20th. Regardless, mark this date on your calendar and come support the CrossFit community. More details here.

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