Adding a 6am class and introducing Matt as an intern coach!

IMG_8092-1Intern Coach – Most of you have seen Matt around the gym and also checked out his crazy awesome WOD times on the board. We’re excited to announce that he will be starting a coaching internship with us. He will be shadowing us as we coach classes, helping to keep things organized and answer general questions. Feel free to leverage him for help, he’s very knowledgeable and an incredibly nice guy.

6am Class Monday, Wednesday and Friday – We will also be opening up a 6am class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are a couple of rules that are going to go along with this. We’re not expecting this class to be busy at first, so – if you plan on coming to the 6am OR the 8am class, you MUST get your name on the schedule the night before so that we can plan our morning and coaching schedule accordingly. If we don’t see anyone on the schedule when we go to bed, we’re not going to set our alarm for 5:00am just in case. If your name is on the schedule, we will expect you to be there for class. If we get up early, come in at 6 and you cancel at the last minute because you just really want to hit that snooze button, or decided you’d rather just make breakfast, you are going to have some VERY unhappy coaches and there is going to be some sort of a penalty. So remember, once you sign up, you are committed and you will be there.

As a result of the longer days – Doug and I are going to start splitting up coaching shifts. We definitely prefer both being here at the same time, we enjoy working together and also think that it is beneficial to you guys to have two coaches at all times. However, it just won’t be feasible for us to both be here from 6am to 8:30pm. So, we’ll still try to double up on coaching as much as we can, but just a heads up that we won’t always both be here as much as we have been previously.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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