A change in attitude

Often times, all you aspiring CrossFit athletes get to see is me being a hard ass in the gym. I make you run and do burpees. I tell you to add more weight when you’re too timid, or take weight off when you’re over confident. I push, pull, yell, kick, and berate. Sometimes it works and we get to witness your awesomeness in all its glory. Other times… At least there’s always tomorrow, right? What you don’t get to see is the “behind the scenes” of coaching. This will be my first blog trying to expose you to what goes on the other 23 hours a day that you don’t see me.

Believe it or not, your coaching doesn’t stop once you walk out the door.  We do a little ‘after-actions’ report every night on our way home. We talk about each others performance as coaches. This usually takes up much of our time since; just as you are growing as athletes, so too are we growing as coaches. We also talk about you. Yes, you. Amy and I have had countless conversations about each and every one of you. Ya… I guess you could say we talk about you behind your back. We celebrate your successes that day, and we go over the things that you need to work on next time. The most difficult part of these conversations is coming up with solutions for your weaknesses, imbalances, and/or attitudes. These talks are often frustrating and leave us feeling inadequate as coaches. Your successes are OUR successes. So when you come in and have a bad day in the gym…. Ya, we feel you. Amy and I are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We read blogs, articles, and books. We truly want to give you the best that we can. That being said: ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’ What does that mean? We could be the absolute best coaches in world (don’t worry, we don’t think we are); but unless you, the athletes, are open and ready to be better… Well, there’s not a whole lot we can do.

The subject of this very first blog will simply be “attitude”. What is your attitude when you come into the gym? What’s going on inside your head as you walk through the door and see the WOD? There’s been a terrible epidemic sweeping this country. Technology has become so advanced and does so many things for us that we’ve forgotten what we as individuals can accomplish on our own. Take a second. What’s the first thing you thought when you saw the workout today?

Knowing most of you for the better part of a year, I’m going to guess that your first thought was something similar to this… “Holy hell. I don’t know if I can do all that.” Was I close? Did you really question your ability to get through a workout? Did you say, “I just hope I make it through 1 round.” Did you already start doubting yourself? STOP!!!!!

We’re better than this.

It’s simple. We have to start believing in ourselves. Easier said than done, right? Maybe….

“Believe in ourselves? Well… I mean… I know that the workout won’t literally kill me.” Do you? Because a lot of you come in acting like it already did. I can tell it’s been torturing you all day. I see some of you switching your times or taking your name off the schedule completely. You come in already sweating bullets and we haven’t even started the warm up yet (I’m well aware that it’s 100 degrees outside right now. It’s a figure of speech.) In your head, you’ve already quit. You’ve already checked out of the workout. You’re defeated.

I want every single one of you to try something. I want you to say out loud: “I’m going to kill that workout.” It doesn’t matter what you really feel inside. Has anyone ever heard that if you’re in a bad mood you should smile at other people? Supposedly it’s supposed to put you in a better mood (sounds like some Dr Phil/Oprah ridiculousness to me). It actually works. Just try to stay in a bad mood while you randomly smile at people. You can’t do it. Well, the same goes for your workouts. “I’m going to kill this WOD.” Try it. You have to say it aloud. Because eventually you actually WILL kill your workout. You’ll smash a PR, or just feel awesome in general during a daily WOD. Then guess what happens. The next time you say “I’m going to destroy that workout”, something amazing is going to happen. You’re going to start believing it. It will start small – just a small hint of confidence. Your fear and anxiety will be replaced by the tiniest bit of excitement. You’ll crave that feeling of awesomeness again, and again, and again. “I’m not just going to survive this workout. I’m going to crush this WOD. I’m going to make this WOD my b*%$#.” Say anything positive about the workout. Say it loud and say it proud. Eventually your mind will catch up.1972290_482596201844306_2024762606_n

Your body is only limited by the boundaries your mind places on it. Change your attitude about working out and I guarantee you’ll see massive improvements.

Get fit, stay fit.
-Coach Doug

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