Get to know your coaches!

Doug Jessup

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (2013)
Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (2014)
Certified USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach (2015)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2014)

I was first introduced to CrossFit while in USMC Recon training. One of our instructors had just gotten his trainer cert, and decided that CrossFit would be a great way to get us all prepared for Reconnaissance training. He was right. I adopted a “CrossFit style” of training for most of my time in the Marines, and was rewarded by making it through some of the most rigorous training the Marine Corps had to offer. Along with completing a combat tour in Afghanistan (OEF 09-10), I’ve also completed several special operations capable schools (Airborne, USMC MMPC (Halo/free fall), Combatant Diver, Etc…). CrossFit is by far the most effective way to train to be ready for ANY situation life can throw at you. After the Marines, I continued my CrossFit education in the Seattle/Bellevue area where I met up with a good friend who eventually convinced me to marry her. After a while, we realized we were small town people, and decided to move to the Cda area. We’ve both always been very active with a passion for health and fitness, so we decided to put that passion and energy into helping other people become healthy. I truly believe anyone (no matter where they are at in life) can improve their quality of life through regular exercise and healthy eating. Some people like to fix up broken down cars. I like to fix unhealthy bodies. Let us here at CrossFit Post Falls help transform your life and show you how awesome you really can be!

Amy Jessup

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2014)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2014)

I am from the area – went to high school in Newport WA. During that time I played a full schedule of sports (volleyball, basketball, track) for all 4 years. After high school, I took an academic scholarship to a small private college in North Dakota. There I took on a full load of classes and worked a bunch of “get me through college” jobs, my favorite of which was head coach of a basketball team, K-8. After 4 years I graduated with a major in Business Communications and moved to Seattle where I started a job as a graphic design recruiter. While in Seattle, I caught up with a good friend from high school who had just gotten out of the Marines and after dating for a while, he asked me to marry him. He also did me the favor of convincing me that CrossFit was awesome and I started my on-ramp in the beginning of 2012 at a wonderful gym in Lynnwood WA. After a while, we realized that the Seattle life, while amazing in some aspects, just wasn’t for us. We also realized that we shared a similar passion for fitness and CrossFit and needed to do something with that. So, we decided to move somewhere that felt a little bit more like home and once we got there decided to take a plunge into making people healthy. We opened CrossFit Post Falls and couldn’t be happier about what we chose to do and the difference that we’ve already made. Our community is amazing and is so supportive of each other. I believe that everyone has the capability to better their lives and be healthy, the question is whether or not they have the motivation. The magic happens outside of your comfort zone, drop the excuses, get in here and make it happen!

Justin Knight

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2014)
The Brand X Kids Certification

Growing up in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Justin Knight was an active youth. Pursuing his addiction to adrenaline rushes he was consumed by extreme action sports, as well as organized sports. He began lifting at an early age, where he was able to hone his craft via great weight lifting programs at his middle school and high school – which led to great success on the gridiron providing him the opportunity to play for the Carroll College Fighting Saints.
He continued to stay fit and play outdoors after finishing up his time on the Carroll squad. Thriving in a fast paced environment is what originally attracted him to CrossFit. After dabbling with some WODs he, surprisingly, decided that he was not in peak physical and mental condition. Quickly thereafter he plunged head first into the CrossFit realm in 2014 and found immediate results that solidified his decision to stick to the methodologies. He is now eager to share his plethora of knowledge to others and is committed to expanding this knowledge to provide the utmost elite level of training – as he hopes to help anyone achieve his/her fitness goals. Recently, Justin has received his Bachelor of Arts in Health & Physical Education: Sport Management, and plans on pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. He completed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course in May of 2014, and intends to expand his coaching credentials in weightlifting, gymnastics, kettle bell, and mobility.

Mike Goemmel

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2015)
CrossFit Mobility Trainer (2015)
Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (2016)

I grew up in small town Reardan, WA playing football, basketball, and baseball all year around. After serving in the U.S Army Infantry for 5 years and completing 3 deployments, I ended up in the Coeur d’Alene area where I am currently attending NIC (North Idaho College) for wildlife biology. I first found CrossFit in 2011 in Afghanistan while in the Army. After getting out and finding no help with rehab from injuries suffered on deployment, I turned to CrossFit again to get back into fighting shape. I fell back in love with the sport once I found a home at CrossFit Post Falls. Getting the level 1 and mobility trainers certificates has increased my knowledge for myself and others and the ability to see people grow and become better in all around life and CrossFit has led me to teaching. I am always looking to improve in the sport, recreational sports leagues throughout the year, and now CrossFit competitions. I plan on increasing my knowledge by attending more seminars and trainers courses through CrossFit and USA weightlifting.

Achilles and Rogue

These guys are definitely not coaches, but absolutely part of the family. You can find them at the gym more often than not.


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