How to log your meals for the nutrition challenge.

Log in to your wodtogether and look to the upper right hand side. You will see a little icon that looks like a fork and knife. Click it. If you’re on the mobile site –, just click the “post meal” button.

Knife and fork

Set your date, meal category and tell me what you ate. If you’re on the mobile site it will set your date automatically to be the “today”.


If you’re reading this for a nutrition challenge, here is what I’m looking for so that you don’t lose points:
I am looking for an entry of some sort for all three meals. Try not to skip a meal, but if you do just log the details as “skipped meal”. Otherwise I will be wondering if you did in fact skip your meal, or if you just forgot to log it and I need to get a hold of you to remind you to put it in. If it comes down to it, you are going to lose a point for every meal that you did not log. Don’t forget your snacks, you can either log these separately if that’s easier for you to log on your phone while you’re eating them throughout the day, or you can list them all in one entry. Up to you.

I don’t need to know what your portions were. As long as the food is on our yes list, I don’t need to know whether you ate a cup of it or a teaspoon. We are trusting you to use your best judgement and keep your portions of fruit, honey and nut butters under control.

Tell me when you take your cheat meal. Please still log it in detail, but designate it as your cheat meal. Otherwise I will dock you points for it.

Be specific with things. I am always going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but help me out. If you’re making your own condiments, tell me what’s in them. If you use a sauce or salsa or spice mix or whatever, either list the full ingredients or just tell me that the ingredients are okay. I trust you. I just need to know that you took a moment to read the list and make sure that there is no sugar or soy or maltodextrin, etc. If you are making a recipe, it works for me if you just copy and paste the link to the recipe. Just make sure to give me the details on any changes that you made. Keep in mind that if you list a food that I don’t recognize, my first step will be to do a quick google search on it. If what I am seeing on google doesn’t follow our challenge, most likely you will lose points.

Here’s an example of a day that was done well.


How do I keep track of my points? You get 3 points per day. Every time you mess up, you will take a point away. For this, group food items together. Burger would be minus one point (even though there’s the bun, the ketchup, etc). Burger and fries would be minus 2 points (even though it’s the bun, ketchup, crappy oil the fries are fried in, the potatoes, the ranch you’re dipping it in). Burger, fries and pop would be minus 3 points. Pizza would be minus 1 point. Pizza and wings in a sugary sauce would be minus 2 points. Salad with store bought ranch dressing (or other bad dressing) would be minus 1 point. Lettuce wrap with 2 kinds of lunch meat in it would be minus 1/2 point. However, you can only lose 3 points per day, no more. At the end of every day you need to add into your log how many points you are awarding yourself for the day. So after dinner, or your late night snack, I need to see the statement of “__ points for the day” At the end of the week, you’ll count up all those points and enter them into the spreadsheet online. Imagine if the person who’s log is above had just added in one more log of “3 points.” Or stuck it in at the bottom of their snack or dinner list. It just needs to get in there somewhere. It shouldn’t be something you really need to think about, you know if you screwed up.

So, how do I see my previous logs so that I can put my weekly points into our google docs? At the end of the week you’ll need to go back and count so that you can give yourself the points you’ve earned. If you’ve been good, this is easy. You get 21 points a week. If you’ve been bad, just add up how many points you did get and put them in there. To go back and look, log into WODTogether, click on your profile and then look over at the right hand side of the page. Click on the text that says “diet journal”.

diet journal

I will be keeping tabs on everyone’s food entries and everyone’s point entries. If I see something crazy, I will ask you about it to clarify. If I see you awarding yourself points incorrectly, I will override them. You’ll be able to see any comments and changes I make. They will come up as “coach comments” as shown below.
pointsTips and trick: Most people had the most success logging their meals every day. We actually logged them as we were eating them. Some kept track of everything in a notebook and went back to log a few days at a time. Whatever works for you works for me, as long as you are accurately logging your food.

You can copy meals that you’ve logged before. This comes in handy if you eat the same thing for breakfast or if you made one dish over the weekend and are eating it all week long. Go to the entry that you want to copy and look to the very right hand side of it. You’ll see the icon that looks like two pieces of paper. Click that and your new entry will pop up with all the details of the previous one. Just make sure the date and meal category is correct. You are also able to add and edit the meal details.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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