Where were you….

Where were you when you realized your true strength?

Where were you when you decided to take control of your life?

How low have you fallen? How long did it take you to get back up?

I was about 2 miles into a 3 mile race. I was done, lungs on fire. But this was regionals…. Possibly the last race of my high school career. 1 mile left? I had nothing left. Then something clicked. I wasn’t done. This wasn’t how it was going to end. Not today, not ever. I pushed so hard that I collapsed at the finish line into a heaving ball of spit, snot, and tears. I did it. I ran (physically and metaphorically) headlong through the barrier that I thought was going to hold me back. Not today pain. Not today fatigue. You’ll have your moment, but not today.

I was halfway through a bottle of tequila when my wife said if she came home to me like that again she was gone. But… alcohol was how I had gotten through the previous 3 years. No…. F*** that! Alcohol is not taking me down. I have more to give. My life is worth more than that bottle. I’m better than that. I’m stronger than that.

I was about 14 minutes into a terrible workout. Jesus, my legs are burning. I can’t breathe. Another round? F***…. how is that guy still beating me? Wait a minute…. F*** this workout! Pistols are not taking me out. Hand stand push ups will not defeat me. Stop being a pussy. That guy is still beating you. You think he doesn’t hurt as much as you right now? What makes him better than you? That’s right… NOT A GAWD DAMN THING! F*** these pistols!

Where were you when it happened?

Where were you when you realized you had more to give?

Where were you when you decided CrossFit was not going to be responsible for your downfall? Where were you when you decided that 10 years of an unhealthy lifestyle was no excuse? When you said “F*** cookies!” and threw them away? Where were you when you poured that alcohol down the drain? Where were you when you cast out the demons that have been taunting your very existence for far too long? Where were you when you said ENOUGH? When did you realize that you are the master of your destiny?

Where were you when life took you down and; like that back squat, you grunted, screamed and stood that bitch back up? Where were you when you decided to stop being the victim, and become the victor? Your weaknesses and failures are not keeping you down. Not now, not EVER!

Where were you when like the mighty titan, Atlas, you had the weight of the world on your shoulders and instead of collapsing….

… You shrugged.

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