Wednesday 10/29/14

Happy Birthday to Trice! We’re so proud to see all the changes you’ve made in your life since you started with us. The results show it too! Hope you have a wonderful day.


With a 12 min running clock…
3 min of… Ground to overhead (135/95)
3 min of… Double unders
2 min of… Ground to overhead (135/95)
2 min of… Double unders
1 min of… Ground to overhead (135/95)
1 min of… Double unders

*Score for total weight moved (G2O) and total reps (Double unders). G2O should be a variation of a clean & jerk. No snatching.

EMOM for 10 min
Odd min – 8 strict toes to bar
Even min – 10 HEAVY Russian KB swing

*Score for heaviest weight of KB swing. If a 70# KB is too light, try swinging two 44# bells. We’re focusing on getting that perfect hip hinge with a ton of power coming from the glutes.



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