We offer SOFLETE (special operations forces) programming here at CrossFit Post Falls. Military has always had a soft spot in our hearts and we give back to that community in any way that we can. We are are a training facility, so naturally, training is how we are able to do that.


So, what is SOFLETE and SOFLETE programming?

SOFLETE is a group of current and former SOF (special operations forces) personnel who are also accomplished athletic coaches, combined with non-SOF experts in the fitness industry. SOFLETE was born out of necessity. As members of the community we were always posed two questions: How do we build the athletic capabilities of our bodies, as well as prevent and fix injury? The philosophy is that it’s hard to be hard and it’s hard to be smart. Push hard in big lifts and sprints and when your body tells you it’s hurt, take the time to heal. After years of pushing through minor injuries and prolonging our rehab we realized there HAD to be a better way. We’ve also learned there is more to fitness than “go run till you can’t run.” In a small team there is no such thing as “relative strength.” You’re either a strong performer, or somebody else is pulling your slack.

We offer programming for selection prep. SOF selection of any kind is no joke; if you are even thinking about SOF you must train physically and mentally for the life you may lead and you need to be training hard and smart as early as possible. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting started!

Check out more about SOFLETE here.

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