Finding Joy in the Process

So many times I talk to people in the gym who are overly fixated on where they think they should be. I should be able to do this. I should be stronger. I should be faster. Well…. you’re not…. yet. Very few people are satisfied with where they are at. Whether it’s here in the gym, their job, their life in general. We’re not satisfied.


When we’re satisfied we become complacent. Complacency kills. We should always be pushing ourselves to better. I’m going to let you in on little secret though…

You’re never going to as good as you want to be. There is always another obstacle to get over. There’s always a new milestone to hit. We spend so much time trying to climb mountains thinking that we’ll be happy at the top. We’ll be able to see the whole world and be satisfied. Only we get to the top and see that there’s and even higher peak ahead of us. It’s always going to be like that. There’s always going to be another mountain to climb. We’re always going to have that need to see what’s on the other side. It’s a never ending process.

So do we spend our entire lives completely dissatisfied with the fact that we’ll never achieve everything we’ve ever wanted to achieve? That depends on you.

Life isn’t about getting to the end. It’s about enjoying the ride while it lasts. In the gym, there’s always going to be a heavier weight to lift. Always. There’s always going to be one more rep that can be done. No one will ever lift all the weight or do all the reps. No one. So how do we find happiness knowing that we’ll never reach our highest aspirations? You gotta find joy in the process.

Stop focusing on how much weight you should be lifting. Enjoy the feeling of what your body is doing right now. Don’t think about the future. Live in this moment, right here right now. Once you actually learn to ENJOY the feeling of working your body – Learn to LOVE that burn, that exhaustion, that pain – you’ll never be able to push yourself to be better. It’s going to hurt. But instead of trying to quit when it starts to hurt, try to push harder. Give yourself something to show for all that pain your putting yourself through. It already hurts. Why not try to make something of it.

So you had a bad workout. Welcome to CrossFit. It’s going to beat the hell out of you on a regular basis. But with every workout – if you know you gave it your all – then you will get stronger. You will get faster. Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t even think about the next rep. Put all of your heart and all of your focus on the present task. Then focus on the next one, and then the next. Because eventually all those reps are going to add up.

Enjoy that feeling of working your body. Appreciate the fact that day by day you’re getting better. Before you know it, you’re going to start reaching those goals.

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