Amy’s Plan

For those of you who are feeling lost trying to start this nutrition challenge, I wanted to give you a bit of insight on how I go about it. Keep in mind, you have to find something that works for you – my way might not be it, but at least it’ll give you some ideas.

Please keep in mind that the recipes I am using may need to be modified. I will omit ingredients that are not on our plan and maybe add some other ingredients as I see fit. Substitutions are your friend on a nutrition challenge.

Every week I generally try to make sure that we have enough pre-cooked breakfasts for the week and enough dinners planned out for the whole week. For dinners I try to double the recipe or make extra and that’s what we eat for lunch pretty much every day. I give myself one day – usually Saturday as an open day to finish up left overs or cook spur of the moment.

I love I use it pretty much exclusively to plan out my week. Plan on sitting down with it for a little while at first to enter in all your recipes. After you’ve got them all in, you can use it to plan out your meals as well as populate your shopping list. Doug and I go to Costco once a month and the grocery store every Saturday after class. I try not to make extra runs to the grocery store for convenience and monetary purposes.

Here’s what I’ve got planned!

Week 1:
Sunday prep for the week – Breakfasts – Omitting the sour cream. Hopefully this will last all week along with our regular breakfasts when we can.
I’m also going to make a big batch of mashed sweet potatoes for a quick and easy carb. If we don’t have any paleo left overs for lunch on Monday I’ll make something up for this as well. Probably some marinated chicken thighs to grill at the gym.
– with Aidelle’s sausages just sauteed in avocado oil.
Wednesday: Grilled salmon – cedar plank, olive oil, salt, pepper, dill with a lemon juice butter garlic sauce after it’s off the grill. Grilled sweet potato wedges -toss wedges with garlic, salt, pepper, oil. Grill. Toss again with lime juice and chopped cilantro. Canned green beans. I will also marinate the chicken for the next day.
Friday: Grilled burgers
– Ground burger, spices, grill. Top with a ton of caramelized onions and mushrooms in butter and garlic, bacon, feta/goat cheese.
Saturday: No plans – we’ll eat any left overs that need to be eaten

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