New Rates Starting Sept 1st – sign up before then to get locked in!

We’ve got a lot of big changes coming up! We’re moving into a new HUGE building, adding some cool new programs and starting September 1st our rates will be going up. If you are a current member, you will be grandfathered in at our old rates. Check out the rules at the bottom to make sure that this applies to you! If you aren’t a current member, get signed up now to lock in the lower rate!

On-ramp Month:
3/weeks of Unloaded + Barbell Basics: $135 (includes 3 weeks of Unloaded classes and one week of Barbell Basics.)

Unlimited: $145/month (includes CrossFit classes, open gym and Unloaded classes)
Married Couple Unlimited: $125/month per person

3/week: $115/month (includes 3 CrossFit classes per week only. No open gym, no Unloaded)
Married Couple 3/week: $95/month per person

3/week: $85/month (includes 3 Unloaded classes only. No open gym, no CrossFit)
*no discounts given on Unloaded prices*

Barbell Basics:
3 classes spent on barbell technique and safety: $50

Barbell Club:
Weightlifting Only:

Weightlifting + CrossFit 

Mike’s Mobility Punch Cards
6 punches for $48 (punches are for half hour 1-on-1 mobility sessions with our mobility specialist.)

90 Day Wellness Program:

Drop ins: $10/visit. Please call ahead to let us know you’re coming

Personal Training: $45/hour

Punch Card: $120/10 classes (limitations apply, ask for details.)

Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter: 25% off single CrossFit memberships. We can combine military and family discounts, ask for details! Does not apply to Unloaded classes.

**We do automatic charges on the 1st, but do not require a contract. You may change your membership at any time, but once the charge has gone through, we do not do refunds.

What’s this grandfathering in thing? 

Current members will be grandfathered into our lower rates as long as:
-Before Sept. 1st, you have a current card in the system and are using it for an auto charge on the 1st.
-You do not cancel or put on hold your membership. Once you do that, when you come back it will be at the new rates.

Some questions that we’ve been getting:
-Punch cards are not considered an auto charge. If you are on a punch card right now, you will have to pay the higher rate or punch card when it runs out.
-You will be able to bump your membership up or down at any time within the old tier of rates, as long as you do not cancel it or put it on hold.
-Sorry guys, but the price on Mike’s Mobility punch cards have to go up to remain sustainable. There is no grandfathering on this. Starting Sept. 1st, any punch card purchased will be at the new price. Just remember the type of service you’re getting and price as compared to pt, massage, chiro, etc.


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