The Open Intramural

The CrossFit Open is an incredibly awesome time of the year and it starts on Feb 22nd! It is 5 workouts done right here in the gym. They are released every Thursday evening for 5 weeks. The Open is the first tier of competition for those who have the goal to compete at the CrossFit Games. It will give you a chance to have fun with the fitness that you’ve been building, so don’t take yourself too seriously, sign up and enjoy the ride.

If you want more information about the open, check this out. Or catch a coach next time you’re in.
If you aren’t sure whether or not you should sign up, check this out. And then sign up.

The previous few years we’ve had a lot of fun with the open. We’ve had success stories and moments of flying high. We’ve also had moments where we felt pretty crushed, regardless of what level we were at. It’s all part of the process and part of the fun. You’ll learn something about yourself and get to know your strengths and weaknesses more intimately. However, this year we’d like to do something a little different. We’re going to focus more on us and the awesome gym that we are, instead of sometimes getting lost in the shuffle with as big as the open is worldwide. It’s pretty cool to be able to compare yourself to everyone in the world, and you’ll still be able to do that, but we’re going to turn the heat up within the gym and make it a little bit more personal with a team competition. The general idea of it is that we will have a number of teams within our gym to battle it out on a points based system.

Here’s how it will work:

Everyone who wants to participate will register. This is going to be the only difference from our previous years. The cost of doing the open is $20, but you can choose who gets your money. If you want to sign up with the games site to see where you stand in our region and worldwide, register and pay on Previously this has bothered some of you, as you may or may not get much bang for your buck, depending on what your priorities are. If you don’t feel the need to sign up on the games site and dish out your $20 there you can register with us for our intramural and put your $20 into the pot at the gym. Depending on how much we end up with, we’ll either use it to buy some fun stuff for Friday night lights and our after party, or if we get enough, we’ll turn around and put it into a fun equipment order for the gym. We’ll get more details out there for everyone, but for now, either register yourself with the games site and write your name up on the whiteboard by the front door, OR drop $20 into the jar and write your name up on the whiteboard by the front door.

Once we get an idea of how many teams we will have, the coaches will elect team captains. (If you are interested in volunteering for a team captain spot, please let us know!) The team captains will “draft” their team. I believe we will do this by picking names out of the hat, however this is still up for discussion. After the team captains draft their team of available registrants, the team and their captains can go out and “recruit” anyone else in the gym to be on their team. The bigger the teams and their captains build their team, the better chance the team has to win. There will be a few other rules here about drafting and recruiting, but we’ll get into that later.

As a team, you will create a private Facebook group for easy communication, and can get as crazy as you want with t-shirts, outfits, cheer squads, signs, etc.

Each workout will be released on Thursday night and we will be program it on Friday. You may come in to any of the classes on Friday to get your scored workout in, however we will suggest that you come in sometime in the afternoon/evening. (Doug and I need to talk more about this, but I think we will be running heats all afternoon instead of our normally scheduled classes. We will make this organized and easy to follow. Don’t worry. More info to come.) Once everyone has completed the work out, I will add your scoring into a spreadsheet to keep track of points and placing. Each week I will release the scores and keep you posted on how each team is doing.

The winning team will get some crazy bragging rights as well as a prize that is to be announced later. We will have a gym party after the open is done to celebrate every single person who participated, announce the winners and talk a little bit more about our hard work and successes.

What I need from you:
-Volunteers for judges and team captains. You must be available for some time on Friday afternoon/evenings. We won’t need a commitment for the whole 3 hours, but you’ll need to be available here and there.
Your CrossFit Games registration will be $20. Go here to sign up and pay.
– The commitment that you will be able to complete all 5 work outs. This can be done at other gyms as well, so if you’re traveling at the time, don’t worry, we will figure it out.

I’m so excited for this and think it will be a ton of fun. Go ahead and get yourself signed up via the games website and we’ll release more information and details as we go.


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