R.E.D. Friday 1/22/16

Back squat
8 reps as heavy as possible (AHAP)
6 reps AHAP
4 reps AHAP

*Take three warm up sets to build to a HEAVY 8 reps. Then add some weight and do a HEAVY 6 reps. Add some more weight and finish with a HEAVY 4 reps.

9 min AMRAP
(3-6-9-12 etc…)
Clean and jerk (135/95)
Toes to bar

*C&J can be a variation of power clean and push press/push jerk.


3 rounds
10 KB goblet squats
15 KB sumo deadlift high pulls
20 KB swings


2 rounds
50 ft 1-arm OH walking lunge (25 ft each arm)
10 push ups



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