Monday 3/28/16

With the end of the open we’ll be switching gears with programming. We’re going back to the basics with an emphasis on strength. We’ll be doing more general strength and conditioning and less of the technical Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics movements.

Back squat
18 min to build to a 5 rep max (no less than 5 sets)

-Immediately following your 5 rep max-

5 min to do a set of 5 @ 95% of 5 RM, then one set of 5 @ 90% of 5 RM

7 min AMRAP
8 ring rows – use tape to mark where your heels start and make sure to keep them there for the entire workout.
8 jumping air squats

*Score for rounds and reps.


3 min tabata of each
Kettlebell swings
Plank hold
Mountain climbers

*Score for total reps (minus the plank hold)


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