If you bring kids into the gym…

If you bring your kids into the gym (even if you do not use the child care hours) please read through this. We need to make some changes to our kid rules and kid care program:

Kid care will still be available at the same hours. Check out WODTogether to see what these are. As always, please sign up for the slot at least an hour ahead of time, otherwise I can’t guarantee that there will be someone there to watch them. The big change to the program is that we are going to start charging for the service. It will be $15 a family per month and there will be no limits to the hours used. This will begin on May 1st. The money will go to help with damage to our furniture and equipment as well as compensation for the time spent on logistics and keeping the program running smoothly. Moving forward, I have asked the ladies to keep the children within the designated child care area (the little closed off area with the tv, couch and toys) during the entire hour. The kids get rowdy if they are allowed to run upstairs and it is very distracting to the class down stairs as well as increasing potential for injury or damage.

As a parent, please tell your kids ahead of time that they need to stay inside of the kid area and play nicely (and quietly) there. They do not have an option on this. It would really help if you could bring something to help entertain them – books, coloring items, electronics, etc. We have a lot of options up there already, but if you know your child prefers a certain coloring book or movie, please bring it in.

If you bring your child in to class to sit upstairs during the non supervised times, that’s still totally cool – as long as they are able to stay within the designated child area and entertain themselves. We understand that accidents happen and sometimes you will need to take a break from class to attend to them. However, if you find yourself needing to go upstairs, talk to your child more than once during class, or that your child is constantly yelling down to you, please know that this is a huge distraction to your coach and the rest of your fellow athletes and not something that we can have on a regular basis. You might have to consider that the unsupervised times are not the best fit for your child.

Unfortunately, moving forward we need to ask you to keep your child out of the main gym area at all times, for their safety as well the longevity of our equipment. I know a lot of the kiddos enjoy playing on the rings, with the chalk buckets and Mike’s mobility box as well as other equipment, but they are too young to understand what could potentially injure them and also how to treat our equipment and things with respect. They are more than welcome to hang out under the loft or upstairs in the designated child area while you get your things together, mobilize, or chat. However, if they are in the gym area, even for a brief moment, please be right there with them and have eyes on them at all times. I have instructed the coaches that if they see a kid running unsupervised throughout the gym area or mistreating our equipment, to ask the parent to please take them upstairs or out. This is your responsibility as a parent, please don’t make our coaches have to stress about this.

As always if anyone has any questions or concerns about this, Doug and I would be more than happy to sit down and talk about it. Please just let us know.

If we need to make any other changes moving forward, I’ll let you know. Thank you!

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