Everyone wants to be a beast…

Anybody have cats? I do. Two of them, they’re small demons trapped inside furry bodies that lull you into a false sense of security and cuteness. Now we all know that cats are great hunters. They have unlimited patience. They’re quick and strong for their size. Thank God they’re only 10-15 lb fuzz balls or they’d be running this world.

Like most cats, mine love to stalk and chase things. We have a little bell that our little boy cat will chase around everywhere. Even though he’s completely domesticated, sometimes you can see the ‘wild’ in his eyes. He’ll be casually lounging around the house seemingly without a care in the world. If I so much as pick up that little bell he’s immediately on the alert. His eyes go wide. He’ll crouch low behind something and watch my every move. You know that the only thing that matters in the world to him is that little bell. As soon as I toss the bell across the room he shoots off like a bullet out of gun. Vaulting over furniture and darting around corners, he chases down his prey until he’s pounced upon it.

Now here’s where it gets weird. As soon as he catches it, what does he do? He doesn’t pick it up and parade it around like he’s accomplished some great feat (much like our dogs would do). He doesn’t play with it. He doesn’t do anything with it. Once he’s caught it, he couldn’t care less about it. He might bat it once or twice to see if it will try to get away from him; but once he sees that bell has given up the chase, it’s not worth his time anymore.

You see, he doesn’t care about the prize. He lives for the HUNT. For those brief moments all of his strength, speed, and tenacity are on full display. He’s more alive than ever in those moments doing what he’s instinctually programmed to do. He doesn’t actually want the bell. He wants to move. He wants to stretch himself to his absolute limits. Once he’s won, he has no purpose anymore.

It’s very much like a lion in the wild. They crave the hunt. They NEED the hunt. They LOVE the hunt. It’s what they’re born to do. Nobody sees a lion at the zoo and says they want to be like that fat, glassy-eyed, lazy cat basking in the sun. They want to be that wild beast chasing down gazelles.

That needs to be you. Everyone wants the prize. Everyone wants to be in shape, but no one wants to put in the work to get it. You have to love the process. You have to crave it… want it… NEED it. You never ‘get in shape’. You never get there. It’s just a never ending process. If you don’t learn to love it, then you’ll never see the results you want. You’ll never get your prize. The prize isn’t the finish line. The prize is the pride from putting in work day in and day out.

Everyone wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what beasts do…

Love your life, or change it.

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