2017 Open Recap

Holy hell another CrossFit Open in the books! This year was our biggest and best yet! We had lots new faces and plenty of salt dogs. Amy and I had a blast watching you guys compete and hit some PR’s! So here is my take on the 2017 Open season….

First things first. How many people got their first pull ups during the Open??? That was so much fun to watch. I love how hard these workouts push people. Also, we had a ton of people improve their score on 16.4/17.4. That’s awesome! It means you’ve been working your butt off all year and improving!

The team competition was great! Loved seeing all the cheering, shirts, and posters going around (Go Squatobots). The team rivalry really makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

When I first started competing in the CrossFit Open there was no scaled division. No one seemed to mind because they didn’t know any better. You came in, did your best, and got what you got. If you couldn’t do a movement it just pissed you off and made you want to work harder. Here’s my one negative thought about the Open. Scaling. I think the idea of scaling in the Open is pretty cool. There’s a ton of new people who are excited to see where they stack up and I’m totally on board with that. However, I (and the other coaches) agree that there was too much scaling this year. Half the fun of the open is trying to grit through something you never thought you could. There were a lot of workouts that should have been RX’d rather than taking the easy way out and scaling.

Aside from that, I can honestly say this was our best year yet!

I want to give a big thank you to all the people who helped judge. You guys helped us coaches IMMENSELY! Also, thank you Allie for giving up Friday nights and having to workout at the end of the night so that parents could bring their kiddos in!

Just because the Open is over doesn’t mean we can start slacking off, though! Time to start getting ready for next year!

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