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Supervised Child Care – Now Available

We are happy to be able to offer supervised child care for a few hours throughout the day. Check out our class schedule to see what times are available. Please read through the rules below and let us know if you have any questions!

1. All ages are welcome!
2. No sick kids!
3. Your child will not be able to see you and must be comfortable being away from you. If your child is fussy, crying or otherwise disrupting and will not calm down, we will pull you out of class to attend to them.
4. If your child needs a bathroom break, the sitter will let you know so that you can come up, get them, take them to the bathroom and then return them upstairs. On that note, please make sure your child has gone to the bathroom before class starts.
5. If you would like to bring toys or other entertainment, that’s okay. Anything you bring must be cleaned up and taken with you at the end of the hour.
6. Please make sure that your child is fed before class time. Snacks are fine to bring with, but we won’t be able to feed your child a full meal.
7. You must sign up in WODTogether (just like you’d sign up for any other class) so that we know that you are coming in and bringing your child for childcare. Please sign up at least 1 HOUR AHEAD OF TIME. If you do not sign up, there may not be a sitter available.
8. Please show up a few minutes early to get your kiddo situated.
9. Your child will be expected to keep the noise level down. They will be in an open space and while normal playing is just fine, we need to keep the noise under control for the class going on downstairs.