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Things you need to know if you’re doing the open!

Here’s a bit of insight to the timeline and procedures for our open intramural if you’re signed up, make sure you read all of this:

This week:

I am hoping to solidify my last team captain here in the next day or two. This week the captains will get together and we will do the draft. If you are already signed up for the open, you will get drafted on to the team and I will release the teams. I will start Facebook groups for each of the teams so that you guys can easily communicate.

Next week through the 23rd:

That gives each team almost 2 weeks to decide on team names, get any swag together and recruit extra members. Recruitment closes on Monday the 27th. (Team captains, there will be some other rules here that we will go over.)

Thursday’s beginning on the 23rd and moving forward:

The work out will be released at 5pm. We will have the announcement playing upstairs at the gym if anyone wants to come in and watch it. Once we know what the WOD is, I will cancel Friday’s evening classes in WODTogether and enter in available heats. You will sign up for these heats just like you sign up for regular classes. Heat times and sizes will depend on the workout that is released, how long it is and how many people we can run through at a time. Thursday night, keep an eye on WODTogether and sign up asap to make sure you get in the heat that you want.

Fridays beginning on the 23rd and moving forward:

We will run classes at 6a, 9:30a and 12p like normal. Sign up in WODTogether and come in. If you are signed up for the open, feel free to come in at these times and we will get you judged. If you are NOT signed up for the open, these classes may become more of an open gym depending on what the class looks like. If you don’t want to do the open wod, you can do something else, but come in with a plan if that’s the case. We will help with movements, scaling and questions, as always, but we may not be able to keep eyes on you as much as normal if we are judging someone.

Friday evenings – this is where all the fun will be had. Make sure you get signed up for your heat. Come in EARLY, you will be responsible for your own warm up. Plan on spending 20+ minutes warming up and working up to your weights. Make sure you have done all the movements at the weights you will be using for the work out. If you are not warmed up by the time your heat starts, we will ask you to wait for the next available opening. Most of the time we will have a coach there to make sure you are warming up the correct movements and to answer any questions. The warm up area will be the north end of the gym. The coach leading warm ups and working the clock will point you to the correct station. (This will make more sense once you see the floor and it’s set up). Once your heat is ready to go, you’ll step onto the floor, make sure your equipment is correct and ask your judge any questions that you may have. There won’t be a lot of extra time, so make sure you’re ready for the 3,21, go…. at the time your heat is set to start.

Friends and family are more than welcome to come watch and cheer you on. Feel free to stay before and after your heat to do the same. Brings snacks, drinks, etc… lets have some fun.

If you are NOT signed up for the open, but would like to come in Friday evenings, you are free to do so. Please DO NOT sign up for any of the heats – this is how I regulate judges and equipment for the people that need a judged score. Just come in whenever you want to, let the coach running things know you’re here and would like to WOD. Do your own warm up and get your weights ready. When you are ready to rock, we’ll plug you into the next starting heat.

Make-up times:

If you are absolutely not able to get to the gym Friday, or would like to re-do the work out, you have until Monday at 5pm to submit your score. Available times for you to do the work out will be Saturday morning at 9am, or open gym Monday at 3:30pm. These times are approximate – we will be judging back to back and will fit you in with a first come first serve methodology. THIS IS IMPORTANT – if you do need to do your wod during Saturday or Monday’s open gym, you HAVE to tell Amy or Doug ahead of time. DO NOT just show up and assume that we will be able to judge you and run you through the work out. If we have a lot of people that need this extra time, we may ask you to find and bring your own judge, or we may suggest a different time for you. Remember, classes on Monday will run as normal, with a completely different WOD and most likely only one coach. Please DO NOT show up to a class on Monday and ask to be judged without any heads up. We simply may not be able to accommodate you.

I will release more info on the scoring and actual competition side of it as get closer. Generally speaking, I base the scores on a few things – participation, scoring, and attitude/”spirit”. I will be running this side of it slightly different from last year, but the gist will be the same.

For now, let me know if you have any questions!

I’m so excited guys, GET PUMPED!