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Athlete Spotligh: Katy Schutte

Meet CFPF athlete Katy Schutte!
Katy just celebrated her three year anniversary with CFPF, and it’s been a blast having her!

Could you tell me a little more about what got you started? What brought you in? Was there a specific moment that you remember deciding “I need to do this”?
I had recently turned 40, and was feeling pretty blah in general – much older than I thought 40 should feel.  Two members had been telling me about CFPF for a long time, but the last time I had been active was in junior high so I would always say “no thank you.”  Then, as luck would have it, the gym offered a free friends & family week, so I reluctantly gave it a try.  I came in 3 times that week with my cousin, and by Friday I was sore, but also felt like I had accomplished a little something simply by showing up.  I remember sitting against the wall after the 3rd workout, giving you every excuse why I coudn’t commit.  I was afraid to try because I don’t like trying new things if I think I might fail.  You said “if you want things to change, you have to change” and that resonated with me. 

Day 1: June 2016

What were the initial feelings like coming that first time? How did that change after a week and a month? 
I thought I’d be really intimidated, having never actually been in a gym before; and I was, until we got going.  The coaches walked us through a whole warm-up, and showed me how to do every movement, even scaling WAY back to accommodate my ability (or lack thereof!).  And not once did anyone make me feel that I was less than anyone else.  When everyone was done and I was still struggling they all encouraged me to press on, and celebrated with me when I was done.  In the first month I realized this was something I needed to be a part of.  Three years later everyone still cheers on every last person, and all those victories – big and small – are still celebrated.

What are you most proud of so far? 
Just taking that first step outside of my safety bubble was huge!  I was so proud the day I bought a 53 pound bag of dog food, and loaded it from shelf to cart to car and home without having to ask for help!  I cried when I did my first pull-up because I never thought I’d EVER do that!  These little victories may seem silly, but they reflect a change in how I see myself and what I am capable of. THAT is what I’m truly proud of.

Murph 2019

What are you going to do next? Any goals on the horizon? 
I’d love to keep improving my mobility and maybe this is the year of the bar muscle-up!

How has life changed outside of the gym as a result of joining? 
I’m determined and strong.   I am more willing to take on challenges, even without a guarantee of success, because success can be defined in more ways than just the end result.  Bonus: my kids think it’s cool that their mom has muscles!

What is your “why”? Has it changed since joining? 
At first, it was to do something healthy.  Now, I go to step away from my worries, doubts and fears and find something new to challenge me each day.  I build character while I build strength.  I remind that voice from week 1 that said I couldn’t do it that I CAN do it, and I AM doing it.

What would you say to someone who thinks they can’t do what you are doing? (CrossFit)
I am proof positive that ANYONE can do this!  I love CFPF because the coaches show me what to do, how to do it correctly, and take me through every step every time.  If I show up, I know I will be challenged and encouraged.  The people at CFPF are a community I’m so proud to be a part of.

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